A downloadable game for Windows

Cyphers is a rhythm-based shoot 'em up game with unique game mechanics. Players must switch between three different shot types to destroy enemies and score points. Implemented interactive music system, enemy AI, and game-state management using component-based architecture.

This Game was made for FastPaced GameJam Within 1 week. 
All the Game code, design, and sound effects were made by me.
Menu Background music: Temple - Private Ark by Six Umbrellas

(sorry for the bad UI and only windows support, I submitted the game literally one minute before the deadline)

Install instructions

just download, extract and run the .exe file


Cyphers - windows.zip 33 MB
Cyphers Source Code.zip 88 MB

Development log


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wow! really cool game! just missing a pause menu! but really cool!

thanks a lot for ge feedback mate! I will surely update this game after the voting and stuff, you just need to wait ;)


Very nice game.

thanks a lot!


The game was kinda cool at the start but felt a bit repetitive after some time. I know making a fully fledged story game within 7 days is impossible, but still if you like you can add more features to it like powerups, different arena types etc. Loved playin' it though ;)

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I am surely going to update the game drastically after the jam gets over, follow me to stay tuned with the updates ;)

for sure!


The gameplay was very innovative, the environment was aesthetical, the controls were smooth, loved the game overall. Just a little suggestion to add a pause option in-game....

Thanks a lot for your awesome feedback! I would surely update the game after the jam gets over ;)